The paintings and installations consist of multiple layers of patterns and color arrangements sourced from various visual motives from leisure culture, such as a day at the beach.

The beach is a place of fantasy, half way between water and land, a place of slowing down and zooming out, of daydreaming, sweating and compulsively enjoying the moment. Lisette’s paintings take you to that place through the warm colours and graphic iconography that one finds in surf and swimwear and on beach towels, but you stumble upon some frayed edges on the way there.

Some paintings are cut out of their frame, hanging nonchalantly out to dry like a sandy wet beach towel on the balcony of a ubiquitous surf hotel, where others may be picked up from the bathroom floor.

Van Hoogenhuyze’s working method is one of joy and energy as she cuts, paints, prints, and endlessly arranges and re-arranges found materials and clippings until a constellation appears – in which she unfinishes the finished painting.


Lisette lives and works in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

  • Tekst by Joeri Guepin


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Instagram: @setisdeadbaby

Email: lisette.van.hoogenhuyze@gmail.com

Phone: (+31) 6 27379466